It's been a while

You know how it goes... you start something, you get super excited about it, then life kind of takes over and you have to put it to one side for »

Psycho Brianne Chantal at it again

Email is awesome, there's no doubt about that. It keeps us connected to friends and family and is a great tool for business. It's also used by large companies such »


Just a quick update on the movie project for you guys. It's the last week before Christmas and all the productions currently filming in Vancouver and the surrounding areas are »

Deep fried ice cream

My wife and I went out to Osaka in Vancouver last Friday night and boy did we have fun. It is a steak & seafood restaurant but with a twist »

Copyright infringement

Am I complaining too much about this? It seems that whenever I post any photographs on my website or on Spoiler TV within a few minutes they appear on other »

Our Movie Project

Some of you may recall that I started a project a while ago for a Web Series. It's been on the back burner in my mind for a while. Today »